carrie lowell

Artist: Sufjan Stevens

Album: Carrie & Lowell

Release Date: March 31, 2015


The latest release from Sufjan Stevens brings us back to the folk driven sound reminiscent of Simon & Garfunkel and other such acts of the 1960s folk scene. Carrie & Lowell, referring to Stevens’ mother who passed away in 2012, takes the listener on an introspective journey of life, death, and the experiences in between.

Tracks like “Fourth of July” take you on a journey that leaves you with the understanding that one day “we’re all gonna die”, while songs like “Should Have Known Better” share tales of regret. The lyrics throughout this album, while sad, dark and introspective, are brilliantly paired with haunting musicality. Although he loses the electronic, experimental sounds of his 2010 release The Age of Adz, there is still just the right amount of ambiance scattered throughout this album.


My personal favorite is hands down “Should Have Known Better”. Everything from the chord structure to the lyrics to the melody lines make this song a huge win in my book. There’s something very vulnerable and intimate about “Drawn to the Blood”, which makes it my runner up for this album.

Given the events that led to the creation of Carrie & Lowell, those unfamiliar with his past work will get quite an intimate look into Stevens’ life, especially compared to past releases. As for the long time, die-hard fans, you won’t be disappointed. If you ask us, this album is definitely worth the purchase, so go buy it today!

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