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Pop Culture Roundup

Happy weekend, hipsters! I almost feel as if this column is pointless to write this week, because let’s face: it’s Star Wars weekend, and that’s what everyone has been waiting for. But just in case you’re not interested in it, or in case you see it six times and then want to check out something else, we’ll take a look at the other (less important) things happening this weekend.

Believe it or not, there are other movies opening this weekend. I feel like this is a terrible weekend to open a movie and go up against Star Wars. But, somebody had to do it. Here’s a couple other options at the box office.

If you need something a little more kid-friendly, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip is opening up today. In this installment based on the classic cartoon, the three chipmunks are convinced that Dave is about to propose to his girlfriend and say goodbye to the trio. So of course, they must set off on a series of misadventures in order to stop the proposal.

Sisters also debuts in theaters, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing this one. It stars Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as sisters in their 30s who learn that their parents are selling their childhood home. They decide to throw one last crazy party for nostalgia’s sake. It looks hilarious, and I absolutely love Poehler and Fey together, so I’m sure this one is worth a watch for sure.

The teaser trailer for the Netflix original series Fuller House was just released, and fans of the original Full House are going crazy for it. You can find the teaser online, and expect a premiere date in February.

If you missed NBC’s The Wiz Live! the first time around, or if you just want to watch it again, there’s another showing of it on Saturday at 8 p.m. It has an all-star cast that includes Mary J. Blige, Queen Latifah, and Ne-Yo.

To be honest you guys, I really don’t have a lot more to say this week, because everything I researched online was dominated by Star Wars articles. It’s crazy how much anticipation has been building for it! I hope it’s everything you all hoped for, and that you don’t get it ruined by some jerk that posts spoilers.

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