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Creative Interview

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Creative of the Week: Kyle Houck


Where do you live? What’s life like there?

I live on Whidbey island, WA. It is located about two hours north of Seattle. The island is so beautiful, containing stunning landscapes, but to be honest it's pretty slow going.


Who/What inspires you to create?

I believe that my mother initially inspired me to create. Seeing her work as a professional photographer inspired me to pick up a camera and shoot. She taught me a few things on the way. And now I'm the one teaching her the new camera tricks.I'm also a huge fan of this amazing world and what it has to offer.


 What is one tip you can give to encourage creativity in others?

If I could give one tip to encourage creativity in others, it would be to look at things from a different perspective and be confident of what you envision. You were blessed with a artistic mind unlike anyone else's, so embrace it and let your creativity flourish.


Can you explain your approach to Social Media, particularity Instagram?

My approach to social media is to just be you. Don't try to be someone that you aren't. It's okay to be curious and ask questions from experienced individuals as you grow. If you're curious about how someone edits their photos, ask them. If your curious how to build an audience on social media, ask them. Just be real with them. Some people will judge you and it can be tough, but know that we all aren't perfect. I would also advise to find a median in your social media profile. Taking your art form seriously is a good thing. It's a gift that you have and should be used as much as possible. But as you grow, please don't let your follower count go to your head. Stay humble.


What's the biggest lesson you've learned in the creative world?

My biggest lesson is to just be you and enjoy what you're doing. Confidence is something that you need in order to flourish. So don't let anyone bring you down. Please remember, nothing is completely original. Every idea has been taken from a previous one, but altered or meshed. So don't let your talent get to you're head. You're just recreating something that has already been created.


Besides photography, what else are you passionate about?

Besides Photohraphy, I'm also a filmmaker, as well as a drummer! I love music and would probably die without it. Rythm is just something I've always had and I'll have it with me till the day that I die. I'm currently in a band called, "Beach Vaction". Check us out if you have the time. You won't be disappointed (;


Who are your top 3 artists/bands at the moment?

My bands are Death Cab for Cutie, Will Regan, Hillsong, Black Keys, Sam Smith, Phoenix, and the XX. I also love a ton of indie artists. My favorite hip hop artists are Andy Mineo, Lecrae, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and Asap Rocky.


What do you want people to know about you?

The things that I want people to know me by is that I love God, this beautiful world, and that I am very passionate. Whether it's photography, music, or relationships, I will go all in. Many people don't understand why or how. But I am a committed person. I will not stop what I love until I master it. So looks like I'll always be doin what I love.


 See more of Kyle's work at https://instagram.com/kylehouck/